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4U Logistic Solutions for Your Successful Business.

4u logistic solves logistics problems for companies across the saudi arabian industries, Especially built for E-commerce and Omni-channel platforms 4u is a best choice. when it comes to choosing a logistics partner, industry-specific knowledge, technology, scale and scope of services are all important considerations. 4u has experience in providing safe, efficient contract logistics for b2b and b2c goods. our e-commerce solutions utilize our digital ecosystem to manage seasonal surges and special fulfillment processes, like order personalization. we also provide packaging and other high-value-added services, including end-to-end reverse logistics management of merchandise returns.

4U Logistic recognizes that our clients demand professionalism from our employees, and we strive to stay involved with the client’s operations to provide the level of service that our clients expect and deserve. We are confident that with our unparalleled recruiting and service expertise, and extensive network of offices and transportation specialists, we can provide the service required for your unique private fleet and distribution needs. We deliver a consistently superior consumer experience that builds loyalty and protects your brand. You will leverage our footprint, warehouses, transportation capacity, labor and advanced automation.

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  • Integrity

    It is the core of who we are and all we do. Everything we do is informed by an innate sense of responsibility and respect for others.

  • Innovative

    We are curious. We push boundaries through game-changing ideas the kind of advances no one else thinks are possible. We have the passion to invest in pioneering technologies that will help our customers come out on top.

  • Respectful

    We listen. We are leaders in creating new markets, spotting unnoticed opportunities and discovering smart ways to tackle challenges because we listen to our employees, our partners and our customers. We pull together to reimagine how business gets done. Respect for each other’s individual strengths drives this collaboration.




  • Safety & Quality

    We put safety first – for each other, our communities and our environment. We do things the right way always. Our workplaces are collaborative and supportive.

  • Entrepreneurial

    We ask, 'What if?' – We’re boldly optimistic about reinventing industries and shaping the future of how business can meet customer needs. We embrace change. That’s how we discover original ways to solve challenges and create win our clients and customers hearts.

  • Teamwork

    We celebrate individuality. We take pride in making our workplaces inclusive. By welcoming everyone—regardless of gender or gender identity, race or ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability—we create a diversity of talents and perspectives. We stand for integrity, celebrate individuality and know we can always learn more from each other, our customers and the communities we serve.



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